The Oak Barn, Frame Farm - receptions, weddings, corporate events, team building

Environmental Policy

The Oak Barn, Frame Farm has a strong focus on sustainability and is deeply committed to minimising the impact of our business on the environment and enhancing the wildlife at the farm. We make sure we comply with relevant regulatory requirements and environmental legislation.

Energy Efficiency

  1. We use renewable energy sources with one biomass boiler providing all our heating and hot water for the event spaces, office, six cottages and farmhouse.
  2. Our barn renovations included high levels of thermal insulation to minimise heat loss and underfloor heating to increase energy efficiency.
  3. Our daytime electricity is provided by 23kVA of solar photovoltaic panels with any surplus directed into our hot water tank immersion heaters.
  4. We use LED lighting and low-energy appliances.
  5. Our waste is processed by a biodigester and flows into a drainage field before safely entering the water table.
  6. Our storage ‘Loft’ is positioned above the boiler room, with air ducts to create a warm airing room for our linen and housekeeping essentials.
  7. The Oak Barn has acoustic insulation to give exceptional sound attenuation for a listed building.


  1. Our mantra of ‘Reduce, Re-use, Recycle’ is at the heart of everything we do and a central theme in our team training.
  2. After check-out, our team turns off all electrical appliances and heating.
  3. Lights are switched off whenever rooms are not in use.
  4. We never heat an empty room and thermostats are set to optimise comfort and efficiency.

Waste Reduction

  1. We recycle all glass, plastics, cardboard and cans.
  2. We actively discourage the use of all plastic.
  3. Our food waste and guest’s floristry waste goes to our compost heap.
  4. We ensure all our suppliers follow our recycling policy.
  5. We encourage our clients and guests to recycle, re-use and steer clear of single use products.

Transport & Travel

  1. We encourage the use of local companies whenever possible, in order to support the local rural economy.
  2. All approved suppliers are either within an hour’s drive of the farm or they offset their annual emissions through certified carbon offsetting projects.
  3. Suppliers are encouraged to offset their carbon particularly those further from the farm.
  4. Our Green Travel Plan promotes the use of public transport and supports group transport by coach, minibus or car share.
  5. We provide secure parking for bicycles.

Suppliers & Sustainability

  1. We promote environmental awareness with all our industry partners.
  2. We expect our suppliers to follow our environmental policy and best environmental practices in delivering their services to our clients.
  3. We encourage responsible procurement of goods and champion the use of fresh local produce from nearby farms and vineyards.
  4. We promote our approved suppliers list to our clients and help them make informed and sustainable choices when planning their event.


  1. We plant a tree on the farm for every event.
  2. Our hedgerow restoration and woodland planting is an ongoing annual operation.
  3. Our pond restoration and maintenance is one of our top priorities.
  4. We favour pollinator species and native broadleaves.
  5. We do not use pesticides.
  6. Our gardens are designed as a haven for insect life.
  7. We have our own bee hives.
  8. We have no-mow areas that are left entirely to nature.
  9. We make all our own compost through garden and kitchen waste.
The Oak Barn, Frame Farm - receptions, weddings, corporate events, team building